Class PluginsCommand

  extended by org.bukkit.command.Command
      extended by org.bukkit.command.defaults.BukkitCommand
          extended by org.bukkit.command.defaults.PluginsCommand

public class PluginsCommand
extends BukkitCommand

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.bukkit.command.Command
description, usageMessage
Constructor Summary
PluginsCommand(String name)
Method Summary
 boolean execute(CommandSender sender, String currentAlias, String[] args)
          Executes the command, returning its success
Methods inherited from class org.bukkit.command.Command
broadcastCommandMessage, broadcastCommandMessage, getAliases, getDescription, getLabel, getName, getPermission, getPermissionMessage, getUsage, isRegistered, register, setAliases, setDescription, setLabel, setPermission, setPermissionMessage, setUsage, tabComplete, tabComplete, testPermission, testPermissionSilent, toString, unregister
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Constructor Detail


public PluginsCommand(String name)
Method Detail


public boolean execute(CommandSender sender,
                       String currentAlias,
                       String[] args)
Description copied from class: Command
Executes the command, returning its success

Specified by:
execute in class Command
sender - Source object which is executing this command
currentAlias - The alias of the command used
args - All arguments passed to the command, split via ' '
true if the command was successful, otherwise false

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