Class GenericCommandHelpTopic

  extended by
      extended by

public class GenericCommandHelpTopic
extends HelpTopic

Lacking an alternative, the help system will create instances of GenericCommandHelpTopic for each command in the server's CommandMap. You can use this class as a base class for custom help topics, or as an example for how to write your own.

Field Summary
protected  Command command
Fields inherited from class
amendedPermission, fullText, name, shortText
Constructor Summary
GenericCommandHelpTopic(Command command)
Method Summary
 boolean canSee(CommandSender sender)
          Determines if a Player is allowed to see this help topic.
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amendCanSee, amendTopic, applyAmendment, getFullText, getName, getShortText
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Field Detail


protected Command command
Constructor Detail


public GenericCommandHelpTopic(Command command)
Method Detail


public boolean canSee(CommandSender sender)
Description copied from class: HelpTopic
Determines if a Player is allowed to see this help topic.

HelpTopic implementations should take server administrator wishes into account as set by the HelpTopic.amendCanSee(String) function.

Specified by:
canSee in class HelpTopic
sender - The Player in question.
True of the Player can see this help topic, false otherwise.

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