Package org.bukkit.plugin.messaging

Classes dedicated to specialized plugin to client protocols.


Interface Summary
Messenger A class responsible for managing the registrations of plugin channels and their listeners.
PluginMessageListener A listener for a specific Plugin Channel, which will receive notifications of messages sent from a client.
PluginMessageRecipient Represents a possible recipient for a Plugin Message.

Class Summary
PluginMessageListenerRegistration Contains information about a Plugins registration to a plugin channel.
StandardMessenger Standard implementation to Messenger

Enum Summary
PluginChannelDirection Represents the different directions a plugin channel may go.

Exception Summary
ChannelNameTooLongException Thrown if a Plugin Channel is too long.
ChannelNotRegisteredException Thrown if a Plugin attempts to send a message on an unregistered channel.
MessageTooLargeException Thrown if a Plugin Message is sent that is too large to be sent.
ReservedChannelException Thrown if a plugin attempts to register for a reserved channel (such as "REGISTER")

Package org.bukkit.plugin.messaging Description

Classes dedicated to specialized plugin to client protocols.

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