Uses of Interface

Packages that use TabCompleter
org.bukkit.command Classes relating to handling specialized non-chat player input. 
org.bukkit.plugin Classes specifically relating to loading software modules at runtime. Classes for handling plugins written in java. 

Uses of TabCompleter in org.bukkit.command

Subinterfaces of TabCompleter in org.bukkit.command
 interface TabExecutor
          This class is provided as a convenience to implement both TabCompleter and CommandExecutor.

Methods in org.bukkit.command that return TabCompleter
 TabCompleter PluginCommand.getTabCompleter()
          Gets the TabCompleter associated with this command.

Methods in org.bukkit.command with parameters of type TabCompleter
 void PluginCommand.setTabCompleter(TabCompleter completer)
          Sets the TabCompleter to run when tab-completing this command.

Uses of TabCompleter in org.bukkit.plugin

Subinterfaces of TabCompleter in org.bukkit.plugin
 interface Plugin
          Represents a Plugin

Classes in org.bukkit.plugin that implement TabCompleter
 class PluginBase
          Represents a base Plugin

Uses of TabCompleter in

Classes in that implement TabCompleter
 class JavaPlugin
          Represents a Java plugin

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