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Packages that use ConfigurationSection
org.bukkit.configuration Classes dedicated to handling a plugin's runtime configuration. 
org.bukkit.configuration.file Classes dedicated facilitating configurations to be read and stored on the filesystem. 

Uses of ConfigurationSection in org.bukkit.configuration

Subinterfaces of ConfigurationSection in org.bukkit.configuration
 interface Configuration
          Represents a source of configurable options and settings

Classes in org.bukkit.configuration that implement ConfigurationSection
 class MemoryConfiguration
          This is a Configuration implementation that does not save or load from any source, and stores all values in memory only.
 class MemorySection
          A type of ConfigurationSection that is stored in memory.

Methods in org.bukkit.configuration that return ConfigurationSection
 ConfigurationSection MemorySection.createSection(String path)
 ConfigurationSection ConfigurationSection.createSection(String path)
          Creates an empty ConfigurationSection at the specified path.
 ConfigurationSection MemorySection.createSection(String path, Map<?,?> map)
 ConfigurationSection ConfigurationSection.createSection(String path, Map<?,?> map)
          Creates a ConfigurationSection at the specified path, with specified values.
 ConfigurationSection MemorySection.getConfigurationSection(String path)
 ConfigurationSection ConfigurationSection.getConfigurationSection(String path)
          Gets the requested ConfigurationSection by path.
 ConfigurationSection MemorySection.getDefaultSection()
 ConfigurationSection ConfigurationSection.getDefaultSection()
          Gets the equivalent ConfigurationSection from the default Configuration defined in getRoot().
 ConfigurationSection MemorySection.getParent()
 ConfigurationSection ConfigurationSection.getParent()
          Gets the parent ConfigurationSection that directly contains this ConfigurationSection.
 ConfigurationSection MemoryConfiguration.getParent()

Methods in org.bukkit.configuration with parameters of type ConfigurationSection
static String MemorySection.createPath(ConfigurationSection section, String key)
          Creates a full path to the given ConfigurationSection from its root Configuration.
static String MemorySection.createPath(ConfigurationSection section, String key, ConfigurationSection relativeTo)
          Creates a relative path to the given ConfigurationSection from the given relative section.
protected  void MemorySection.mapChildrenKeys(Set<String> output, ConfigurationSection section, boolean deep)
protected  void MemorySection.mapChildrenValues(Map<String,Object> output, ConfigurationSection section, boolean deep)

Constructors in org.bukkit.configuration with parameters of type ConfigurationSection
MemorySection(ConfigurationSection parent, String path)
          Creates an empty MemorySection with the specified parent and path.

Uses of ConfigurationSection in org.bukkit.configuration.file

Classes in org.bukkit.configuration.file that implement ConfigurationSection
 class FileConfiguration
          This is a base class for all File based implementations of Configuration
 class YamlConfiguration
          An implementation of Configuration which saves all files in Yaml.

Methods in org.bukkit.configuration.file with parameters of type ConfigurationSection
protected  void YamlConfiguration.convertMapsToSections(Map<?,?> input, ConfigurationSection section)

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