Interface ComplexEntityPart

All Superinterfaces:
Entity, Metadatable
All Known Subinterfaces:

public interface ComplexEntityPart
extends Entity

Represents a single part of a ComplexLivingEntity

Method Summary
 ComplexLivingEntity getParent()
          Gets the parent ComplexLivingEntity of this part.
Methods inherited from interface org.bukkit.entity.Entity
eject, getEntityId, getFallDistance, getFireTicks, getLastDamageCause, getLocation, getLocation, getMaxFireTicks, getNearbyEntities, getPassenger, getServer, getTicksLived, getType, getUniqueId, getVehicle, getVelocity, getWorld, isDead, isEmpty, isInsideVehicle, isOnGround, isValid, leaveVehicle, playEffect, remove, setFallDistance, setFireTicks, setLastDamageCause, setPassenger, setTicksLived, setVelocity, teleport, teleport, teleport, teleport
Methods inherited from interface org.bukkit.metadata.Metadatable
getMetadata, hasMetadata, removeMetadata, setMetadata

Method Detail


ComplexLivingEntity getParent()
Gets the parent ComplexLivingEntity of this part.

Parent complex entity

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