Package org.bukkit.entity

Interfaces for non-voxel objects that can exist in a world, including all players, monsters, projectiles, etc.


Interface Summary
Ageable Represents an entity that can age and breed.
Ambient Represents an ambient mob
Animals Represents an Animal.
Arrow Represents an arrow.
Bat Represents a Bat
Blaze Represents a Blaze monster
Boat Represents a boat entity.
CaveSpider Represents a Spider.
Chicken Represents a Chicken.
ComplexEntityPart Represents a single part of a ComplexLivingEntity
ComplexLivingEntity Represents a complex living entity - one that is made up of various smaller parts
Cow Represents a Cow.
Creature Represents a Creature.
Creeper Represents a Creeper
Damageable Represents an Entity that has health and can take damage.
Egg Represents a thrown egg.
EnderCrystal A crystal that heals nearby EnderDragons
EnderDragon Represents an Ender Dragon
EnderDragonPart Represents an ender dragon part
Enderman Represents an Enderman.
EnderPearl Represents a thrown Ender Pearl entity
EnderSignal Represents an Ender Signal, which is often created upon throwing an ender eye
Entity Represents a base entity in the world
ExperienceOrb Represents an Experience Orb.
Explosive A representation of an explosive entity
FallingBlock Represents a falling block
FallingSand Deprecated. See FallingBlock
Fireball Represents a Fireball.
Fish Deprecated. in favor of FishHook
FishHook Represents a fishing hook.
Flying Represents a Flying Entity.
Ghast Represents a Ghast.
Giant Represents a Giant.
Golem A mechanical creature that may harm enemies.
Hanging Represents a Hanging entity
Horse Represents a Horse.
HumanEntity Represents a human entity, such as an NPC or a player
IronGolem An iron Golem that protects Villages.
Item Represents an Item.
ItemFrame Represents an Item Frame
LargeFireball Represents a large Fireball
LeashHitch Represents a Leash Hitch on a fence
LightningStrike Represents an instance of a lightning strike.
LivingEntity Represents a living entity, such as a monster or player
MagmaCube Represents a MagmaCube.
Minecart Represents a minecart entity.
Monster Represents a Monster.
MushroomCow Represents a mushroom Cow
NPC Represents a non-player character
Ocelot A wild tameable cat
Painting Represents a Painting.
Pig Represents a Pig.
PigZombie Represents a Pig Zombie.
Player Represents a player, connected or not
PoweredMinecart Deprecated. This class has been moved into a sub package; PoweredMinecart should be used instead.
Projectile Represents a shootable entity.
Sheep Represents a Sheep.
Silverfish Represents a Silverfish.
Skeleton Represents a Skeleton.
Slime Represents a Slime.
SmallFireball Represents a small Fireball
Snowball Represents a snowball.
Snowman Represents a snowman entity
Spider Represents a Spider.
Squid Represents a Squid.
StorageMinecart Deprecated. This class has been moved into a sub package; StorageMinecart should be used instead.
ThrownExpBottle Represents a thrown Experience bottle.
ThrownPotion Represents a thrown potion bottle
TNTPrimed Represents a Primed TNT.
Vehicle Represents a vehicle entity.
Villager Represents a villager NPC
WaterMob Represents a Water Mob
Weather Represents a Weather related entity, such as a storm
Witch Represents a Witch
Wither Represents a Wither boss
WitherSkull Represents a wither skull Fireball.
Wolf Represents a Wolf
Zombie Represents a Zombie.

Enum Summary
CreatureType Deprecated. Use EntityType instead.
Horse.Color Represents the base color that the horse has.
Horse.Style Represents the style, or markings, that the horse has.
Horse.Variant Represents the different types of horses that may exist.
Ocelot.Type Represents the various different cat types there are.
Villager.Profession Represents the various different Villager professions there may be.

Package org.bukkit.entity Description

Interfaces for non-voxel objects that can exist in a world, including all players, monsters, projectiles, etc.

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