Package org.bukkit.event.entity

Events relating to entities, excluding some directly referencing some more specific entity types.


Class Summary
CreatureSpawnEvent Called when a creature is spawned into a world.
CreeperPowerEvent Called when a Creeper is struck by lightning.
EntityBreakDoorEvent Called when an Entity breaks a door
EntityChangeBlockEvent Called when any Entity, excluding players, changes a block.
EntityCombustByBlockEvent Called when a block causes an entity to combust.
EntityCombustByEntityEvent Called when an entity causes another entity to combust.
EntityCombustEvent Called when an entity combusts.
EntityCreatePortalEvent Thrown when a Living Entity creates a portal in a world.
EntityDamageByBlockEvent Called when an entity is damaged by a block
EntityDamageByEntityEvent Called when an entity is damaged by an entity
EntityDamageEvent Stores data for damage events
EntityDeathEvent Thrown whenever a LivingEntity dies
EntityEvent Represents an Entity-related event
EntityExplodeEvent Called when an entity explodes
EntityInteractEvent Called when an entity interacts with an object
EntityPortalEnterEvent Called when an entity comes into contact with a portal
EntityPortalEvent Called when a non-player entity is about to teleport because it is in contact with a portal.
EntityPortalExitEvent Called before an entity exits a portal.
EntityRegainHealthEvent Stores data for health-regain events
EntityShootBowEvent Called when a LivingEntity shoots a bow firing an arrow
EntityTameEvent Thrown when a LivingEntity is tamed
EntityTargetEvent Called when a creature targets or untargets another entity
EntityTargetLivingEntityEvent Called when an Entity targets a LivingEntity and can only target LivingEntity's.
EntityTeleportEvent Thrown when a non-player entity (such as an Enderman) tries to teleport from one location to another.
EntityUnleashEvent Called immediately prior to an entity being unleashed.
ExpBottleEvent Called when a ThrownExpBottle hits and releases experience.
ExplosionPrimeEvent Called when an entity has made a decision to explode.
FoodLevelChangeEvent Called when a human entity's food level changes
HorseJumpEvent Called when a horse jumps.
ItemDespawnEvent This event is called when a Item is removed from the world because it has existed for 5 minutes.
ItemSpawnEvent Called when an item is spawned into a world
PigZapEvent Stores data for pigs being zapped
PlayerDeathEvent Thrown whenever a Player dies
PlayerLeashEntityEvent Called immediately prior to a creature being leashed by a player.
PotionSplashEvent Called when a splash potion hits an area
ProjectileHitEvent Called when a projectile hits an object
ProjectileLaunchEvent Called when a projectile is launched.
SheepDyeWoolEvent Called when a sheep's wool is dyed
SheepRegrowWoolEvent Called when a sheep regrows its wool
SlimeSplitEvent Called when a Slime splits into smaller Slimes upon death

Enum Summary
CreatureSpawnEvent.SpawnReason An enum to specify the type of spawning
CreeperPowerEvent.PowerCause An enum to specify the cause of the change in power
EntityDamageEvent.DamageCause An enum to specify the cause of the damage
EntityDamageEvent.DamageModifier An enum to specify the types of modifier
EntityRegainHealthEvent.RegainReason An enum to specify the type of health regaining that is occurring
EntityTargetEvent.TargetReason An enum to specify the reason for the targeting

Package org.bukkit.event.entity Description

Events relating to entities, excluding some directly referencing some more specific entity types.

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