Interface Bat

All Superinterfaces:
Ambient, Damageable, Entity, LivingEntity, Metadatable, ProjectileSource

public interface Bat
extends Ambient

Represents a Bat

Method Summary
 boolean isAwake()
          Checks the current waking state of this bat.
 void setAwake(boolean state)
          This method modifies the current waking state of this bat.
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launchProjectile, launchProjectile

Method Detail


boolean isAwake()
Checks the current waking state of this bat.

This does not imply any persistence of state past the method call.

true if the bat is awake or false if it is currently hanging from a block


void setAwake(boolean state)
This method modifies the current waking state of this bat.

This does not prevent a bat from spontaneously awaking itself, or from reattaching itself to a block.

state - the new state

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