Interface IronGolem

All Superinterfaces:
Creature, Damageable, Entity, Golem, LivingEntity, Metadatable, ProjectileSource

public interface IronGolem
extends Golem

An iron Golem that protects Villages.

Method Summary
 boolean isPlayerCreated()
          Gets whether this iron golem was built by a player.
 void setPlayerCreated(boolean playerCreated)
          Sets whether this iron golem was built by a player or not.
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Method Detail


boolean isPlayerCreated()
Gets whether this iron golem was built by a player.

Whether this iron golem was built by a player


void setPlayerCreated(boolean playerCreated)
Sets whether this iron golem was built by a player or not.

playerCreated - true if you want to set the iron golem as being player created, false if you want it to be a natural village golem.

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