Interface Creature

All Superinterfaces:
Damageable, Entity, LivingEntity, Metadatable, ProjectileSource
All Known Subinterfaces:
Ageable, Animals, Blaze, CaveSpider, Chicken, Cow, Creeper, Enderman, Giant, Golem, Horse, IronGolem, Monster, MushroomCow, NPC, Ocelot, Pig, PigZombie, Sheep, Silverfish, Skeleton, Snowman, Spider, Squid, Villager, WaterMob, Witch, Wither, Wolf, Zombie

public interface Creature
extends LivingEntity

Represents a Creature. Creatures are non-intelligent monsters or animals which have very simple abilities.

Method Summary
 LivingEntity getTarget()
          Gets the current target of this Creature
 void setTarget(LivingEntity target)
          Instructs this Creature to set the specified LivingEntity as its target.
Methods inherited from interface org.bukkit.entity.LivingEntity
_INVALID_getLastDamage, _INVALID_setLastDamage, addPotionEffect, addPotionEffect, addPotionEffects, getActivePotionEffects, getCanPickupItems, getCustomName, getEquipment, getEyeHeight, getEyeHeight, getEyeLocation, getKiller, getLastDamage, getLastTwoTargetBlocks, getLeashHolder, getLineOfSight, getMaximumAir, getMaximumNoDamageTicks, getNoDamageTicks, getRemainingAir, getRemoveWhenFarAway, getTargetBlock, hasLineOfSight, hasPotionEffect, isCustomNameVisible, isLeashed, removePotionEffect, setCanPickupItems, setCustomName, setCustomNameVisible, setLastDamage, setLeashHolder, setMaximumAir, setMaximumNoDamageTicks, setNoDamageTicks, setRemainingAir, setRemoveWhenFarAway, shootArrow, throwEgg, throwSnowball
Methods inherited from interface org.bukkit.entity.Damageable
_INVALID_damage, _INVALID_damage, _INVALID_getHealth, _INVALID_getMaxHealth, _INVALID_setHealth, _INVALID_setMaxHealth, damage, damage, getHealth, getMaxHealth, resetMaxHealth, setHealth, setMaxHealth
Methods inherited from interface org.bukkit.entity.Entity
eject, getEntityId, getFallDistance, getFireTicks, getLastDamageCause, getLocation, getLocation, getMaxFireTicks, getNearbyEntities, getPassenger, getServer, getTicksLived, getType, getUniqueId, getVehicle, getVelocity, getWorld, isDead, isEmpty, isInsideVehicle, isOnGround, isValid, leaveVehicle, playEffect, remove, setFallDistance, setFireTicks, setLastDamageCause, setPassenger, setTicksLived, setVelocity, teleport, teleport, teleport, teleport
Methods inherited from interface org.bukkit.metadata.Metadatable
getMetadata, hasMetadata, removeMetadata, setMetadata
Methods inherited from interface org.bukkit.projectiles.ProjectileSource
launchProjectile, launchProjectile

Method Detail


void setTarget(LivingEntity target)
Instructs this Creature to set the specified LivingEntity as its target.

Hostile creatures may attack their target, and friendly creatures may follow their target.

target - New LivingEntity to target, or null to clear the target


LivingEntity getTarget()
Gets the current target of this Creature

Current target of this creature, or null if none exists

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