Package org.bukkit.event.player

Events relating to players.


Class Summary
AsyncPlayerChatEvent This event will sometimes fire synchronously, depending on how it was triggered.
AsyncPlayerPreLoginEvent Stores details for players attempting to log in.
PlayerAchievementAwardedEvent Called when a player earns an achievement.
PlayerAnimationEvent Represents a player animation event
PlayerBedEnterEvent This event is fired when the player is almost about to enter the bed.
PlayerBedLeaveEvent This event is fired when the player is leaving a bed.
PlayerBucketEmptyEvent Called when a player empties a bucket
PlayerBucketEvent Called when a player interacts with a Bucket
PlayerBucketFillEvent Called when a player fills a bucket
PlayerChangedWorldEvent Called when a player switches to another world.
PlayerChannelEvent This event is called after a player registers or unregisters a new plugin channel.
PlayerChatEvent Deprecated. This event will fire from the main thread and allows the use of all of the Bukkit API, unlike the AsyncPlayerChatEvent.
PlayerChatTabCompleteEvent Called when a player attempts to tab-complete a chat message.
PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent This event is called whenever a player runs a command (by placing a slash at the start of their message).
PlayerDropItemEvent Thrown when a player drops an item from their inventory
PlayerEditBookEvent Called when a player edits or signs a book and quill item.
PlayerEggThrowEvent Called when a player throws an egg and it might hatch
PlayerEvent Represents a player related event
PlayerExpChangeEvent Called when a players experience changes naturally
PlayerFishEvent Thrown when a player is fishing
PlayerGameModeChangeEvent Called when the GameMode of the player is changed.
PlayerInteractEntityEvent Represents an event that is called when a player right clicks an entity.
PlayerInteractEvent Called when a player interacts with an object or air.
PlayerInventoryEvent Deprecated. Use InventoryClickEvent or InventoryOpenEvent instead, or one of the other inventory events in org.bukkit.event.inventory.
PlayerItemBreakEvent Fired when a player's item breaks (such as a shovel or flint and steel).
PlayerItemConsumeEvent This event will fire when a player is finishing consuming an item (food, potion, milk bucket).
PlayerItemHeldEvent Fired when a player changes their currently held item
PlayerJoinEvent Called when a player joins a server
PlayerKickEvent Called when a player gets kicked from the server
PlayerLevelChangeEvent Called when a players level changes
PlayerLoginEvent Stores details for players attempting to log in
PlayerMoveEvent Holds information for player movement events
PlayerPickupItemEvent Thrown when a player picks an item up from the ground
PlayerPortalEvent Called when a player is about to teleport because it is in contact with a portal.
PlayerPreLoginEvent Deprecated. This event causes synchronization from the login thread; AsyncPlayerPreLoginEvent is preferred to keep the secondary threads asynchronous.
PlayerQuitEvent Called when a player leaves a server
PlayerRegisterChannelEvent This is called immediately after a player registers for a plugin channel.
PlayerRespawnEvent Called when a player respawns.
PlayerShearEntityEvent Called when a player shears an entity
PlayerStatisticIncrementEvent Called when a player statistic is incremented.
PlayerTeleportEvent Holds information for player teleport events
PlayerToggleFlightEvent Called when a player toggles their flying state
PlayerToggleSneakEvent Called when a player toggles their sneaking state
PlayerToggleSprintEvent Called when a player toggles their sprinting state
PlayerUnleashEntityEvent Called prior to an entity being unleashed due to a player's action.
PlayerUnregisterChannelEvent This is called immediately after a player unregisters for a plugin channel.
PlayerVelocityEvent Called when the velocity of a player changes.

Enum Summary
AsyncPlayerPreLoginEvent.Result Basic kick reasons for communicating to plugins
PlayerAnimationType Different types of player animations
PlayerFishEvent.State An enum to specify the state of the fishing
PlayerLoginEvent.Result Basic kick reasons for communicating to plugins
PlayerPreLoginEvent.Result Basic kick reasons for communicating to plugins

Package org.bukkit.event.player Description

Events relating to players.

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