Package org.bukkit

More generalized classes in the API.


Interface Summary
BanEntry A single entry from a ban list.
BanList A ban list, containing bans of some BanList.Type.
BlockChangeDelegate A delegate for handling block changes.
Chunk Represents a chunk of blocks
ChunkSnapshot Represents a static, thread-safe snapshot of chunk of blocks.
Server Represents a server implementation.
TravelAgent The Travel Agent handles the creation and the research of Nether and End portals when Entities try to use one.
UnsafeValues Deprecated. Unsupported & internal use only
World Represents a world, which may contain entities, chunks and blocks

Class Summary
Bukkit Represents the Bukkit core, for version and Server singleton handling
Color A container for a color palette.
FireworkEffect Represents a single firework effect.
FireworkEffect.Builder This is a builder for FireworkEffects.
Location Represents a 3-dimensional position in a world
Note A note class to store a specific note.
WorldCreator Represents various types of options that may be used to create a world.

Enum Summary
Achievement Represents an achievement, which may be given to players.
Art Represents the art on a painting
BanList.Type Represents a ban-type that a BanList may track.
ChatColor All supported color values for chat
CoalType Represents the two types of coal
CropState Represents the different growth states of crops
Difficulty Represents the various difficulty levels that are available.
DyeColor All supported color values for dyes and cloth
Effect A list of effects that the server is able to send to players.
Effect.Type Represents the type of an effect.
EntityEffect A list of all Effects that can happen to entities.
FireworkEffect.Type The type or shape of the effect.
GameMode Represents the various type of game modes that HumanEntitys may have
GrassSpecies Represents the different types of grass.
Material An enum of all material IDs accepted by the official server and client
Note.Tone An enum holding tones.
PortalType Represents various types of portals that can be made in a world.
Rotation An enum to specify a rotation based orientation, like that on a clock.
SandstoneType Represents the three different types of Sandstone
SkullType Represents the different types of skulls.
Sound An Enum of Sounds the server is able to send to players.
Statistic Represents a countable statistic, which is tracked by the server.
Statistic.Type The type of statistic.
TreeSpecies Represents the different species of trees regardless of size.
TreeType Tree and organic structure types.
Warning.WarningState This represents the states that server verbose for warnings may be.
WeatherType An enum of all current weather types
World.Environment Represents various map environment types that a world may be
WorldType Represents various types of worlds that may exist

Annotation Types Summary
Utility This annotation indicates a method (and sometimes constructor) will chain its internal operations.
Warning This designates the warning state for a specific item.

Package org.bukkit Description

More generalized classes in the API.

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